Change Log4j Levels at Runtime Using Openutils-Log4j

Log4j Version 1.3 has a ConfigurationServlet which can be used to view/modify the current log4j logger settings for a web application. Per the information on Log4j website version 1.3 has been abandoned:

log4j 1.3 abandoned
Log4j 1.3 Version Development Has Been Abandoned

Openutils-log4j includes the configuration servlet that provides a simple web interface for changing the log4j levels:

Log4j Control Console
Log4j Control Console

With the configuration below added in web.xml, control console will be accessible using URL pattern /chlog4j (e.g. http://localhost:8080/testwebapp/chlog4j):

   <display-name>Log4j configuration Servlet</display-name>


Dependency to be added in pom.xml: